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In summer 2016 the illustrious improv 4-tet Estafest recorded their next album at BMC Records in Budapest, Hungary.

Viola player Oene van Geel, guitarist Anton Goudsmit, pianist Jeroen van Vliet and saxophonist Mete Erker, are happy and proud to record with this renowned label for classical music and jazz.

The quartet are currently composing and experimenting, giving obscure try-outs in small performing spaces in The Netherlands. Their new work is as to be expected: cutting edge, exciting, hilarious and breathtaking. Yet, after 'Estafest Live!' (2011) and 'Eno Supo' (2014), their third album will take them to the next level in terms of European promotion and possibilities, as a result of and thanks to the wonderful support of the BMC label.

The European release is planned for January 2017. A European tour in 2017 is currently booked by Linda Waal.