Estafest - Photo by Krisztina Csendes
Photo by Krisztina Csendes

Estafest consists of four of the most eccentric improvisers in the Dutch music scene. Three of them have won the prestigious jazz music award VPRO Boy Edgar Prize.

All of them are constantly creating highly original music in diverse national and international projects. In Estafest it all collides: four pig headed players challenging each other in a mostly improvised musical dialogue.

Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour 2019

Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour 2019

Estafest 100 jaar tour

Estafest 100 Jaar Tour

In 2109 bestaat Estafest 100 jaar. Hoog tijd dus om op zoek te gaan naar waardige opvolgers.

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Estafest in action

Estafest - Polderlucht

Estafest - Polderlucht, live at TivoliVredenburg Utrecht

Estafest - Ornette's Clockwork

Estafest - Ornette's Clockwork (Jeroen van Vliet), North Sea Jazz 2017

Estafest - Hamer

Estafest - Hamer (Oene van Geel)

Estafest - Papillon

Estafest - Papillon (Mete Erker)

Estafest showcase at Jazzahead 2014

Estafest showcase at Jazzahead 2014

Estafest - Chime

Estafest - Chime